Friday, May 30, 2014

Costume Mail Swag!

     I love it when mail comes for me! Especially packages! So exciting. I recently received two items I have been wanting for a while. A pattern from Eva Dress that makes me drool and a role of hoop boning from Etsy.
     The pattern is from the 1930's with slit sleeves and back. Can't wait to make it up. Eva Dress has tons of other awesome vintage patterns.
     The hoop boning is for my TV Grand Bustle pattern that I've had laying around FOR EVER! It was 12 yards for like $20, which beats any other sellers I've found. The shop is called "boning" on Etsy. Check it out.

There are two bodice options. I'm going for the one
with long sleeves.

  Over and out.


  1. Ooo, elegant! I love the long sleeves on that pattern. I've never used an Eva Dress pattern, but I keep seeing beautiful creations from various seamstresses, so I think I shall have to give it a go. Do post updates - I can't wait to see your finished gown. You always make amazing things. :-)

    1. Thank you so much! I will do updates. Things have been going pretty smoothly so far.