Sunday, June 22, 2014

Liebster Award!

     I have been awarded the Liebster Award! I've only heard of it a little among the blogger world, but it is an honor to receive it! Well, after looking up the Liebster Award Rules I think I'm either nominated or awarded... I'm not really sure. But cool anyway! So, following the Rules:

     First, thank you Gina from Beauty from Ashes for this award! Gina has a lovely blog filled with her wonderful creations! As per Rules, Gina left me some questions to answer:

1.  What/When/Why/Who was the inspiration for your getting into period/era costuming?
     I have always liked sewing and costuming; it's in my blood and gifted from my late grandmother. But I lacked the training and experience for successful pieces. I really got started when I joined the Great Dickens Christmas Fair in San Francisco, CA in 2011. I made my own costume and just couldn't stop making historical pieces after that!

2.  What is your favorite part of the costuming process?  The research? Design? Sewing? Construction? End where you get to put on our garment and have your photo taken?!
     Mmmm... That's a hard one. I think I love each step (though I do get frustrated along the way sometimes!). The researching is basically fashion history porn, the design is where I get to use my art school skills, and the sewing and construction is where I see myself learning and getting better and better with each project. And the final reveal is always wonderful!

3.  What is your end goal in the costuming arena?  Do you simply want to hone your skills or do you desire a career in the fashion/movie industry?
     I don't think I have and "end" goal. Of course I want to improve my skills, but I don't know where I want to end up. I'll just see what happens. 

4.  If you could travel to one place to attend an event to wear you costumes to, where would it be?
     Just one place? I suppose Costume College would be one. And I'll be going there this summer!

5.  What frustrates you most about costuming?
     Not finding the right fabric, getting costumer's block, fitting issues, being confused with construction... the list goes on. Right now I am having a hard time cutting some hoop wire!

6.  When looking for accessories, do you allow yourself to purchase reproductions or is it antiques 
     I go for some of both. Obviously, my shoes are American Duchess reproduction pieces. But I have a few vintage things like fans, gloves, and scarves that were passed down to me from my family. 

7.  Do you allow yourself a lunch break or do you sew right on through the hunger?
     Haha! Some of both. I definitely push away my hunger a little too long, but I've been getting better at feeding myself these days!

8.  What is your most favorite ensemble?  
     My Violent Violet 1827 dress.

9.  Why is it your favorite?
     I put a lot of time and love into this dress. It most closely resembles what I set out to make of all my costumes.
And the colors make me so happy!

10.  What was your most wonderful event/experience/compliment concerning costuming?
     I don't have a "most", but I have a few. Off the top of my head, the Hopeless Romantics April Gaskell Ball was a blast! I also had a great time at the Art Deco Preservation Ball. 

11.  What do you listen to/watch when you sew
     The History Chicks!!! They are the best! I recommend them to all history/costume enthusiasts.

 Now for my nominated bloggers:
1. The Laced Angel

    I could go on! These bloggers have shown great dedication and skill in their costuming field. I admire all of them in their work and as people.

     Now, I am supposed to list 11 random facts about myself:

1. I'm really into transitional periods right now. Like 1820's (Regency to Romantic Era), 1868-1872ish (Belle era to Early Bustle), and 1915-1919 (Edwardian to Deco era). I find them so interesting.
2. My grandmother died when I was a baby, so I never got to know her, but I got my sewing passion from her! So I do get to know her in a way.
3. I have a boyfriend who is more into vintage fashion than I am. He's awesome.
4. I LOVE samosas. Those savory Indian pastry things.
5. I'm really into watching House M.D. right now. Hugh Laurie is brilliant.
6. I am OBSESSED with polka dots.
7. I am also obsessed with shoes...
8. I love animals.
9. My mother is my best friend.
10. I just had my birthday! June 21st! And it was a great one.
11. I'm addicted to Pinterest.

     Now my questions for my awardees:

1. When/how/why did you start sewing/costuming/crafting?
2. Do you have a favorite era/genre? What is it?
3. Your favorite piece you've made?
4. Best sewing tip(s)?
5. Favorite fabric(s)/material(s) to work with?
6. Favorite color?
7. Sewing pet peeve?
8. What new project are you working on/planning that you are most excited about?
9. Going to Costume College this year?
10. What do you listen to/watch while you sew/craft?
11. Favorite mythical animal?

     That's it! I think I did this Liebster thing right... Now, my awardees, go forth and Liebster!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Deco Dress #3: Evening Gown mock-up

     Time for some evening wear! I got to work on my new Eva Dress pattern.

     The thing to know about this pattern is that the instructions are limited and use terms modern sewers are not often used to. It can be a little confusing, but not hard to figure out (like, I realized I had to top-stitch the cuffs to the sleeves even though the instructions didn't say this directly). The sizing, however, is pretty darned accurate.
     I chose size 18 in the bust and 16 in the waist and hips. Then I made the mock-up. I didn't mock-up the skirt yet, but I doubt I will have to. If the yokes around the hips fit, then the skirt will probably be fine. Famous last words?

Lame mirror selfie. But look at them sexy
sleeve slits...

     I had to make a few adjustments. Not much, though. The neckline was WAY too high, so a carved it out a couple inches front and back. The bodice was a little too long and baggy when gathered to the yokes for me, so I shortened the bottom edges an inch. Everything else seemed to fit really well, though. The cuffs are near perfection and yokes fit great on my waist and hips. 
     The muslin is a bit stiff, but I LOVE the sleeves/bodice area. I think it will look great in a drapey fabric. Speaking of which... I have decided on my fabric. A dark blue velvet. Mmmm. Paired with silver accents.

That's all for now!

Summer Deco Dress #2: Complete! For reals this time!

     Since my last Heart dress update, I made some changes. First, I wasn't sure about the buttons, so I tried some other ones I ordered off of Etsy that were bigger and darker. Here's the comparison:

     I really liked both, but the small ones just seemed to work a bit better. But I am still in love with the big heart buttons! They are the sweetest things. I will keep them for something special. 
     Nest, I felt like the waist needed a little "umph". A belt. Taking after the original Decades of Style pattern, I made a pointed split belt of a scrap of some old red cotton. I set the belt parts pretty wide to not disrupt the vertical fabric stripes in front. It's long in the back so I can tie it in a big happy bow! To brighten it up even more, I added two more small heart buttons at the points on the belt. And she was done!

     I'm really happy with it! I feel a little funny about the varying red tones of the materials, but I think it works. :) Another success!