Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Deco Dress #2: Complete! For reals this time!

     Since my last Heart dress update, I made some changes. First, I wasn't sure about the buttons, so I tried some other ones I ordered off of Etsy that were bigger and darker. Here's the comparison:

     I really liked both, but the small ones just seemed to work a bit better. But I am still in love with the big heart buttons! They are the sweetest things. I will keep them for something special. 
     Nest, I felt like the waist needed a little "umph". A belt. Taking after the original Decades of Style pattern, I made a pointed split belt of a scrap of some old red cotton. I set the belt parts pretty wide to not disrupt the vertical fabric stripes in front. It's long in the back so I can tie it in a big happy bow! To brighten it up even more, I added two more small heart buttons at the points on the belt. And she was done!

     I'm really happy with it! I feel a little funny about the varying red tones of the materials, but I think it works. :) Another success!

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