Wednesday, May 7, 2014

1940's Summer Dress Plans

     I really have been wanting to get more into 20th c. fashion. I think it's beautiful, yet I have very little experience in it. I thought I should start from some patterns. I recently bought two from Decades of Style:

1940's New England Dress

1948 Siren Sundress

     I already have the fabric for the New England dress. I actually got it long before I ever knew what I was going to make with it. It just spoke to me and I snatched it up from my local fabric store's clearance section.

My baby. MINE.

     I'm going to get some big red heart buttons to go on the bib parts of the dress. Like these one from Etsy.

via Bohemian Findings

     I haven't found a fabric for the Siren Sundress, but I'm thinking something bright and cheerful like polka dots. I have a thing for polka dots...and hearts. 
     For the New England dress I'm making a test dress to make sure I get all the kinks out before I cut up my real fabric. I already know I'll have to shorten the waist and skirt (I'm petite and short-waisted). I'm using this poly-cotton blend of gingham-plaid-stuff. It's red and navy. 

Le cut out bodice pieces.

Le fabric close-up.

This is exciting!

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