Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer Deco Dress #1: Complete!

     So, what started as a mock-up from weird gingham fabric of the Decades of Style "New England Dress", well.... I just kinda went ahead and made it into the final dress. I chose the fabric originally because I didn't really care what happened to it, but the pattern went together so well with so few alterations that I just used it as a final. The results: (btw, my extremely tall sister took these photos, which accounts for the strange angle, but I love her for taking them for me!).

This is my "Deco-joy" face.

Can anyone tell that I didn't exactly take this photoshoot seriously?
Detail shots:

     I'm a total wimp when it comes to following legit patterns, because I usually just fudge patterning until it looks okay, so this was a test for myself. The pattern was pretty easy to follow and had satisfying results. I didn't change much. I just lowered the neckline about a half inch, took in the back shoulder seams an inch, and changed the zipper. 
     My only big gripe is that I find that Decades of Style mixes vintage and modern techniques that don't always translate perfectly. One example is that their patterns call for invisible zippers, which I've never seen on any vintage pieces I own. So, I just inserted a normal zipper. Maybe another problem I have with DoS patterns is that I have found the neckline a little too high on this New England Dress and the 1930s Button Dress. But those are just minor things. They still are great patterns. 
     I'm not so hot about my fabric choice. I usually don't go for this sort of thing, but maybe I'll warm up to it.
I like my buttons though. Just big plastic navy buttons. I like big, simple buttons. :)

4 buttons: $1.80
fabric: free
thread: free
pattern: $23   +
total: $24.80        
     Not bad! If I don't count the pattern, the whole thing cost me like $2. Hell yeah. It's a good day.