Sunday, May 25, 2014

Summer Deco Dress #2: The 1930's Heart Dress beginnings

     So, remember that heart and stripe fabric of amazingness that I ended up not using that I mentioned in an earlier post? Here's a refresher:

     I decided not to use the New England dress pattern and instead use the 1930's Button Dress pattern, ALSO by Decades of Style. I decided to change patterns for a few reasons:
1. Boyfriend thought the 30's one was better
2. It's so much easier to match the stripes on the 30's rather than the New England
3. I want to wear it to the Gatsby picnic this year (and Gatsby is usually 20's and 30's)
4. I like the lines of this pattern! Kinda sexy...

     I've had this Button Dress pattern lying around for ages and actually used it once before long ago for my first ever 1930's dress. With that one I made certain alterations to the pattern and this time around I am doing some more alterations, just a bit different. 
     I am not a fan of the top tie in the back. It just seems weird to have a nicely tailored front and then funny ties at the back. Maybe ONE tie at the waist. But not two. So, I scrapped the top tie and raised the back. Next, I remember the waist seam not being at high when made up than it looks in the illustration, so I cut it a bit higher. Lastly, the bottom of the sleeves was a little too short to make a tidy hem, so I lengthened them. 

I made my mock-up from old bed sheets.

Cutting out the pieces.

     I don't know much about pattern matching, so I just aimed to get the front panels to line up with the stripes as I was cutting my fabric. Right now, I'm done with the cutting and I'm just sewing all my pieces together. Here's a picture of all the supplies for the dress together:

Woo hoo!

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  1. This is going to be fabulous!!! Can't wait until it's complete!