Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dresses in Action

     Time to show the places my little dresses have been! Mostly Gaskell Balls. Mostly balls in general. No, not those balls. The dancing balls. (Of course, I hate my expression in all the photos. Meh.)
     First, my 1830's Periwinkle at the February Gaskell:

photo credit Sarah S.
     Then the Regency at PEERS Jane Austen Ball in Bath:

Beth and I
photo credit David B.

photo credit David B.

photo credit Ross B.

With Sarah again!
photo credit Sarah K.
The 1930's dress at March Gaskell:

My friend, Ben, and I dancing.
All photo credit Gaskell Ball.
Sir Roger de Coverly

Silliness during Sir Roger.

That's all for now! Will show more picture dresses in action as they come!

Monday, June 3, 2013


     Yes, I disappeared for a bit, but I'm back! At least right now... Well, I finished all the pieces for my AP Studio Art Concentration. All packaged up and turned in. I get my score in July!
     Here's my Prom dress, which was inspired by a 1920's Lanvin "Pretty Woods" gown and constructed with mostly-historical techniques. It was a real hit. Prom sucked, of course. No surprises there, seeing as "dancing" at Prom most closely resembles intercourse on the dance floor. Ugh...grinding....just....NO. But the before part was great! Getting ready with my aunt Kit and Mom there, driving over with my dad and Amelia, meeting up with my group for pictures and looking fabulous, and laughing and smiling lots! That part was my favorite.
     Boyfriend wasn't in town, so I went with two of my very good friends as dates and I left the Prom a little early to go see the Bay Bridge lights down by the Ferry Building in San Francisco (location of Prom). So, here's the dress:
     Completely hand-stitched from turquoise silk dupioni. Self-drafted pattern (I used a t-shirt as shape base!). Closures of snaps and hooks and bars (historically-correct for 1920's dresses) on the right side placket. The skirt is simple: two panels (both a little under two yards) gathered onto the bodice while distributing most of the gathering at the side of the hips and opening at the right side. The under part is just several yards of stiff pink net, gathered into a waistband with most of gathers around the hip area for that Robe de Style shape-ish-ness. And the shoes? AMERICAN DUCHESS! I love them!!! Thank you, Am-Duch! They are the "23Skidoos". 1920's Spectator T-straps. LOVE.

     Yay. And the sketchcollagething I did for my AP portfolio:

      Mm. It's okay. Could have been better. I'll be at peace with it.
     Well, I kinda hated the waistline, so, the day of Prom, I tore out the stitching of the skirt and bodice and repositioned it higher up. Looked MUCH better. So, here's PROM!

Our whole group.
(Mama made my corsage!)
Bathroom pictures!

In the elevator!
Getting excited about holographic elevator wall!

My two dates and I. Amelia and Tam! Tam gettin' all the ladies...

I'm so fierce!
Oh, we are so fabulous...
     Thanks to all you lovely people who made Prom such a silly and fun night. You guys are the best!