Sunday, June 3, 2012

Titanic Dinner Dress

     So, I was at FanimeCon this last Memorial Weekend which was, this year, joined by a steampunk convention, Clockwork Alchemy. I bought a ticket to Fanime, which got me in free to Clockwork, which was a free shuttle away from Fanime. Yay! Free stuff!
     While I was at Fanime, I found this wonderful table that had lots of fun steam-y trinkets when I noticed the TITANIC DINNER DRESS from the ACTUAL MOVIE. Right there. Next to their table. I sort of fan-girl freaked out, but they let me check it out and get lots of pictures. It was great. Apparently, there were two of these dress, made identical, for Titanic. This one was used more in publicity photos than the actual movie, so it can be considered "a prototype" (the ladies at the table, their words). But Kate Winslet still wore it. It was darned tiny, by the way. She must have been extremely skinny, even with the corset. The light in the convention doesn't show off the colors quite right, unfortunately.


Bodice front.

Unsurprisingly, the lace was custom to this dress.

Oh! That train! Want!

It looks like the under dress is a warm pink silk. Dupioni or something similar.

Bodice side view.

Back of bodice.

The dress on Kate Winslet.

Apparently, the man who owns this (the ladies were working his merchandise table) has the shoes Kate wore and the other accessories, too!
     Wow, 1912 had some great fashion. I can't wait to make a better Edwardian gown. My last one was a learning experience! This dress is really a thing of beauty, in terms of craftsmanship and fashion.  

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