Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer Deco Dress #2: Heart Dress Complete?

     A couple days ago I possibly finished my 1930's Heart dress. I say "possibly", because I'm not sure it's as awesome as it can be. So, it's possibly finished for now. This is what I have:

Unsure mirror selfie.



Pretty heart buttons.

     So, I might change up the buttons. I found some that are still hearts, but there are visible button holes on the fronts. Next, I'm trying to figure out the belt. It's a split belt on the Decades of Style pattern, which I think I like. It wouldn't disrupt my careful stripe matching in the front... If I do a belt, I think it will be red like the buttons and piping and tie in a nice perky bow in the back. This dress is all about cuteness.

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