Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Gatsby Picnic: What to Wear...

     Every early September, the Art Deco Society of California holds its Gatsby Summer Afternoon picnic. It's basically a re-creation of an afternoon party that Jay Gatsby would have thrown. It's happening this Sunday. Tomorrow. Check out the deets and the site:
     I will be volunteering with the AutoTeam. We direct the vintage cars and such. I realized I would be running about a bit. It got me started on thoughts of what I should wear. I need something stable, simple, relatively comfortable, and....Deco. It should fit into the 20's, 30's, or VERY early 40's.
     I was originally going to borrow some clothes from Boyfriend (he's a Deco-era fiend). But I found I liked most of the clothes on him better. I just can't top that sexiness. Still, I stole his straw Boater. I love it!!!
     Not long ago, he gifted me a dark blue, white-polka dotted dress with a little matching belt. It's beautiful. It's vintage and we're thinking early 40's. The silhouette looks kind of late 30's, though, so I figured it would work just fine.
     I searched for some images to help me date the style:

Shows the basic silhouette of my dress.
via erasoffashion

It's similar to those two navy polka dot dresses, but with a shorter skirt. This image is from '32.
This one is from '39. Similar skirt style to mine, but the sleeves on mine are more relaxed.
     So, I  guess I'll say my dress is late 1930's. Seems roughly accurate.
The PLAN!:
     -polka dot dress
     -Boyfriend's boater
     -American Duchess "23 Skidoo" spectator shoes 
     -waved hair pulled into simple Deco-ish style
     -red lipstick
     -pearl earrings


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