Monday, September 23, 2013

Petti Project Continued

     I did actually do some work on my ruffled and corded petticoat. The cord is just some stuff from Joann's that is super cheap and gets the job done. Nothing fancy.


Close-up of cord.

Pinning cords above a ruffle. Another ruffle went over these cords.
     I got a few ruffles and cords done, but have since decided I will be changing around my design. First, I need more cording rows and more ruffles. Second, a yoked waist. I drew the waistband up with a strong lace at first. I discovered that this left far too much gathered fabric at the waist. All bulky. Ew.
     I will cut up the top part of the petticoat to resemble the method of Truly Victorian's Free Petticoat Diagram. It's still gathered up at the waist, but with less fabric than the bottom, to avoid the bulky top. It also gives more froof to the bell shape we're trying to create with that era of skirts. 


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