Friday, September 20, 2013

The Gatsby Picnic 2013

     What a good time it was! Hotter than it ever should be, though!! Boiling... But such a good time. I was working the Auto Team in the morning (directing the vintage cars), so my shift was luckily over by the time the heat got legit. My home base picnicking group was so lovely. They set up such a wonderful picnic and were so kind to have me with them. Just lovely, lovely folks. You'll see a bit of their set up later in the post.
     I knew MANY more people this year than I did last year. Which was a bit of a shocker. And I met many more just from wandering around.
     There was this awesome French picnic that I ended up spending a lot of time around. Paul, Francis, Tullia, and Tara (the brains behind their set up). They had a big French flag flying high above vintage French board games, saucy French postcards, and a perfect French lunch (with Ratatouille! Yummy!) I think most of them knew a fair amount of French, even though they were all American. They were jabbering away in it, sounding very elegant and classy. I think I heard a few lines of La Marseillaise! That was fabulous...
Paul was dressed in his own reproduction of a 1920's French police officer's uniform, with original buttons and badges! SO COOL. He and Tara won Best Dressed Couple in the Costume Contest! They totally deserved it. Hands down. 
      Not to be vain as heck, but my outfit was great. It pulled together so nice. Looking at the photos now, I realize that my dress looks a lot more early 40's. I think the picnic was supposed to be 20's/30's, but I don't really care. My dress was Deco-era and that's what matters. I wore Boyfriend's vintage boater, pearl tear drop earrings, "Repeal the 18th Amendment" pin, and an original Air Core sweetheart pin (WWII era). Another gift from the boy. 

With Kathy and Tasia- ladies in blue!
photo credit Kim Y.

With Yuri at her perfect picnic.
photo credit Alan D.
We went climbing around the broken down swimming pool.
American Duchess shoe pic!!!
 I ran into three local costumers: green is Vivian, brown is Natalie, ivory is Elizabeth, and spectator is me.
photo credit Natalie W.

Natalie and Elizabeth looked just smashing! Both dresses sewn by their wearer.
Natalie said she made hers from an original pattern and Elizabeth said she took an old 60's dress to
pieces to make hers. I love both of them!
photo credit Natalie W.
     Natalie's blog: (I hope to see her details soon. I want that dress!!)
     Vivian's blog: (she's got a great post up of her outfit)

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