Thursday, February 7, 2013

Concentration Musings

     I've been having so much fun just thinking up the other dresses for my Concentration! Haven't decided them all yet, but here are some brainstorming bits:

This sorta is a good visual...I had this dream of a violet velvet 1930s dress with some fun sleeves.  

I ordered some vintage 20s shoes on eBay that look a bit like these with the side details, except in ivory leather and a bit more elegantly shaped (maybe to wear with my Pretty Woods dress!)  

And then I got really inspired by these gloves Amanda Seyfried wears in In Time.

They loose the hand part of them when she's on the run, to still cover her "timer".

I think they're leather or some kind of fabric, but I plan to make some ivory silk ones to go with my Pretty Woods. I love the way they bunch up at the wrists!

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