Saturday, March 30, 2013

Well, I'm Back...

     Yeah, I've been lame and have hardly touched my blog for a couple months now. Life gets crazy, especially with senior year of high school. Here I am now, filling you in on what I've been up to these past couple of months....

     The finished 1830's Periwinkle:

(Yeah, the back is messed up at the top eyelets, but I'll fix that later.)



Cartridge pleats! My favorite kind!
     The very rough concept sketch for my Prom Pretty Woods dress:

     I bought the silk for it! It's this brilliant turquoise dupioni. I really like the texture the slubs give it.

     The vintage shoes I found online didn't work out, so I decided on some repros! American Duchess does some of the finest historical shoe reproductions I've ever seen. I order the 1920's Spectators, "23Skidoo" and absolutely love them! Great work.

     That's the damage for now, but here's sneak peak for my next dress:
I call her "Moon Lady"

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