Friday, April 26, 2013

Quick and Dirty Regency Dress

     I had a Regency ball I went to a while back and I, not owning a single article of Regency clothing, set out to make a quick, simple dress. I also needed another dress for my Concentration, so it all worked out. I don't particularly like Regency, but felt it was worth the learning experience.
     My mom got me these blue, synthetic taffeta-like curtains a while ago. God, I love her. So thoughtful. She thought I could make something fun out of them. I don't usually go for synthetics, but these worked perfectly! Thanks, Mom, you're the best!
     I vaguely used the pattern for the 1806-09 from Janet Arnold's book. It's a pretty good size for me (5'1'' here), but the shoulders/decolletage of the original wearer of the gown must have been very wide-set indeed. The only part of the pattern I really used was the back pieces for that classic Regency style and the gathering detail of the front.
     I used a little Romantic-era blouse I made ages ago. One of my first sort of learning pieces. The overalls style is something I've seen in a few fashion plates and period pieces, so I figured it was relatively historical. I think it's cute as hell, anyway. It's all hand-sewn, which is historical as %$*@, so that's a plus.

                                                                Ta-da! Yay! Finita!

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