Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Slap, Bang, Here We Are Again

     Well, I don't like what I've been doing with this blog. I don't particularly like leaving it to decompose in the depths of blogger-space; neglected and unused. I think I will now put it to good use. I've always admired costuming and sewing and DIY blogs in general and they were the reason I originally started a blog: I fancied myself a costumer. I don't quite know if I am a costumer, as artists can often find themselves questioning their artistry. Yet, I think I will pursue this blogging/costuming idea. It sounds like fun and I'd like to do it more wholeheartedly this time. So, here I go.
     We'll see what happens. I think it will be okay. If not, I'll at least take some good lessons out of the whole thing as one will do in any endeavor. So, a toast to the costumes and blogging that follows and, most importantly, the learning.
     I think I will start with chronicling my working in my AP Art Studio class. I have chosen my concentration, which does include a lot of costuming.
     And here we go...

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