Thursday, May 5, 2016

Watermelon Duchess

     At the beginning of the school year, I was inspired to make a kind of crazy-looking version of a 1915 dress from an old photograph. I wanted to also make a tamer version, but the crazy called to me first.
     I wanted to have fun making this. A sort of therapy piece. I allowed myself to throw all historical accuracy out the door! It is made of cotton striped print, some funny loud magenta silk, cotton lining, pom-poms, rayon velvet ribbon, and bright PINK polyester tulle. 
     My wonderful friend, Laurie, and I styled the shoot with 18th century-1910s-wacky-brightness.

The dress that inspired it. Circa 1915

Photos by the AMAZING Laurie Tavan. Check her work out, she is so talented! She also did my hair in an awesome 18th c.- inspired style.
That FABULOUS hat is by Lynn McMasters. She is a genius and made this hat for Laurie.

Sporting my American Duchess "23Skidoo" shoes.

Earrings by Dames a la Mode!

I will definitely be wearing this one at Costume College 2016! Will I be seeing any of you there this summer?
I hope so! 

Little Mothball,
Over and out.