Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dickens Fair 2014

     I was mad busy with Dickens Fair and college finals for November and December. But finals ended! And Dickens soon after. It was a great run. My new dress worked out great. It cut my dressing time in half (more on that later). My boy, who plays one of Victoria's officers, got to wear his many new uniforms. I had five Dark Garden window appearances. There was a lot of dancing. A lot of energy. I lot of love. And a lot of tired.
    But all worth it. It was hard to juggle everything while in art school and I have a better idea how to deal with it next year. Here are some photos from this season. Most were taken by other people.

Old Dickens dress, but with new trim.
Dark Garden Window Modeling:

And some fun photos:

Mr. Ados with Christmas Chewbacca!

Posing with the Queen at the Gaskell ball. 

Smooches with my boy through the Dark Garden window. 

I'll go more in-detail soon about my new Dickens dress and reveal projects for 2015!
That's all for now. Wishing everyone a happy New Year!