Saturday, November 8, 2014

Prepping for Dickens 2014

     Between overwhelming school work and life chores in general, I have managed to work a little on my new Dickens Fair wardrobe. First, for the 1840's wrapper:

It just needs sleeves and a hem.

A new quilted petticoat. Pre-quilted fabric, of course!
Let's not get crazy here!
     I plan to switch off between the wrapper and my old dress throughout the season, but I am feeling like I'll be wearing this one a lot, because of how easy it is to put on! I also plan to switch off between wearing my old Justin Lacers (Dickens boot staple) and my AD Gettysburgs.

Gettysburg on left, Justin on right. 

     Remember that Fusiliers bodice from way back when? Well, I'm hoping to rejuvenate/fix/finish
and actually wear it this year.

It has some issues...
     Lastly, I've been working on a new shawl! It's my first legit knitting project and I'm very happy with it. The pattern was called "Eyre of Romance, Jane Shawl". Perfect, for my purposes!

Almost done! This photo makes it look a little small. 

Over and out.