Saturday, October 18, 2014

New American Duchess "Virginia"

     She's done it again! American Duchess has produced another lovely and period shoe. If I was more into Renaissance costumes, I would snatch these up in a heartbeat!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Want-To-Do Sewing List

     Even though I have minimal time to make ALL THE THINGS, I can still fantasize about the projects until Winter Break.

This one's been on my plate for ages: Danaerys from Game of Thrones




I love most of her clothes, especially her blue "dragon scale" pieces. 

Next: Outlander

     I love the earth-toned wool tartans and practical working pieces. I adore the show and I think it's the push I needed to get into 18th c. costuming. But to start a new era I need new undergarments! I really like Claire's wedding stays, so I am looking at using the JP Ryan Strapless Stays pattern and making it front-lacing. 

Next: Early Bustle Dress
I finished Truly Victorian's Grand Bustle, so I need something to wear over it! I like the idea of something deep blue or purple and pair it with a big braided bun.

And next: April Gaskell 2015 Dress
The theme this year is "Girls in White Dresses with Blue Satin Sashes". We get to choose whatever era we want, but white and with a blue sash.
I'm 99% sure I'm doing a 19-teens dress-Lucile-inspired gown. 



    And so much more! If anyone has any tips or advice or ideas for these projects, please let me know! These are all new costume and techniques to me and I could use all the help I can get. Over and out.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

1840's Dickens Wrapper

     There are so many things piling up on my "Want-To-Do" list! Yet, being in the middle of my Fall semester is cutting most of my costume wishes short. It looks like I won't get to anything big until Winter Break, but I have a few things to tide me over till then.
     Recently, I've been working on a new Dickens Fair dress. My dress from last year is showing wear, so I'd like to have a few pieces to switch out. I also wanted the option of not wearing a corset under the new dress, so I turned to Katherine's tutorial for an 1840's wrapper. I've always adored it!
     I found this lovely reproduction cotton (staying in the Turkey red theme, of course!)

      Here's some progress photos:

     I have since changed the belt, as I realized that I want the bodice to be more pointed to better imitate traditional 1840's bodices. Like this lady below. 

     She even has laces like mine! I actually like her's better. She has this lovely volume in the shoulders and bust part. I already wish I had made mine more full.

That's all for now!