Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Romantic Dress April 2014 Musings

     The third annual A-Bunch-Of-Crazy-Costumers-Make-Historical-Dresses-From-Certain-Time-Period-Gaskell-Ball is in April. The theme this year is the Romantic Era. It's one of my favorite eras!!! We each shall create an evening ensemble ranging between the late 1820s and about 1840.
     I have too many dresses I want to make for the occasion, so here's just a look at the inspiration pictures I've been drooling over .

     I purchased my silk already. A very nice ivory silk. I think it's shantung or taffeta, but can't tell the difference. I am leaning towards the last three designs as my main inspiration. Late 1830's. Simple cut and details. And I love the strawberries on the bertha on the last one! Very exciting....

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