Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dresses in Action

     Time to show the places my little dresses have been! Mostly Gaskell Balls. Mostly balls in general. No, not those balls. The dancing balls. (Of course, I hate my expression in all the photos. Meh.)
     First, my 1830's Periwinkle at the February Gaskell:

photo credit Sarah S.
     Then the Regency at PEERS Jane Austen Ball in Bath:

Beth and I
photo credit David B.

photo credit David B.

photo credit Ross B.

With Sarah again!
photo credit Sarah K.
The 1930's dress at March Gaskell:

My friend, Ben, and I dancing.
All photo credit Gaskell Ball.
Sir Roger de Coverly

Silliness during Sir Roger.

That's all for now! Will show more picture dresses in action as they come!

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