Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Blogging ADHD and Art College

     I've been a very bad blogger! My excuses: college, Army boyfriend, and just life in general. They all take up a lot of time that I would love to spend making pretty things, but it just hasn't gone that way. All I can commit to is faithfully reading other lovely blogs and maybe squeaking in a few erratic  posts of my own.
     But here are a few brief updates!
1) I sorta finished my Daenerys dress. Not super happy with it. I like the fit of the bodice, but I totally screwed up the skirt and I never finished the embroidery. But now I have a good pattern to work off of and I can make a better Dany dresses later!

In-progress shot.

2) I started a 1910s corset based off Festive Attyre's pattern. (There will be blog post).

My adjusted version of the original pattern.
3) I've been slowly getting bits of my April Gaskell dress together.

Dyeing some silk/rayon velvet for the sash.
Swagged out some American Duchess "Gibson"s.
4) And, of course, worked on school assignments...they're fun, but not always how I want to spend sewing time. 

"Kimono" sleeve pattern drafting in Studio 2.

A movement piece for my Conceptual Fashion class. It's fun, but
I definitely want to use these 9+ yards of  silk georgette
for a historical project when I'm done. Maybe something
1930s or Edwardian...

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