Friday, January 2, 2015

Daenerys Dress: Beginnings

     For my Daenerys dress, I have been experimenting with embroidery to go in between the dragon scale smocking. I think I've got it!

     I will be using a different fabric, which is a cotton-linen blend of a better color match and weave.
     For a while, I thought the stitch was a super-messy honeycomb stitch, but then I checked in on Michele Carragher's website and realized she mentioned "lock-stitch". That was it. Once I found a thread combo I liked (a vintage metal-wrapped thread twisted with a dark blue), I began to refine my technique. It's getting MUCH better. The bottom part of the piece is pretty close to the original. My camera kinda brightened the colors, but it's close in real life.

The original.

     The thread looks grey-green here, but on-screen it looks much bluer. On Michele's site, she says, "To create this I used a North American smocking stitch. I then used a metallic thread combined with blue embroidery thread to do a stitch called "lock stitch" (a good book to find this in is "A Tale of Two Stitches" by Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn) in a random manner to fix and blend the smocked dragonscale onto the dress."
     So, going off of  "a metallic thread combined with blue embroidery thread", I think using a blue thread is a good bet. I think the photograph above got a bit blown out in the bright lights of the photo studio. Causing the weird grey-green. 
     Apparently, there were actually like 3 or more of these short blue dresses that Dany wore on the show, each showing a different progression of her character. I think I'll just make my dress and see which one it ends up looking most like and then be like "Oh, yeah! I was TOTALLY aiming for that one!" 
The last one has a lot of beads and embroidery on it that I'd like to get do at some point, but I we'll see....

Some of the original dresses:

Here we go!


  1. Ooooh!!! (Squeals with delight!!) This is going to be fun to watch!!!

  2. New follower- I'm excited to see this one come together! :D

  3. Would you consider posting a brief tutorial on how you did the embroidery? I'm working on my own Dany cosplay and I cannot for the life of me figure it out. Thanks, and it looks awesome!!