Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Year in Review: Finished and Planned

      There are often a hundred different things I want to make each year. Time, funds, and practicality reduce what I actually end up producing. And it's for the best. I might go crazy if I actually had the cash to buy all the silk taffeta on the internet and all the time in the world to lock myself in my sewing room day and night. Crazy.
     That said, I am quite happy with what I did produce this year. Not all of it is yet recorded on this blog, but I do have a physical list....

     This list is pinned to the wall above my sewing table.There were a few things that I forgot to record on it, but most of it's there. I can say I completed roughly 20+ projects. And those are just extra-curricular projects, meaning that's not counting the projects I completed in this past college semester, which would add about 10+. Something for another post! 
     I'm proud of myself! I usually give myself such a hard time for all the stuff I DIDN'T finish or DIDN'T do right, but, hey: I DID some stuff! And I DID a good job! I learned so much this year, about myself and about my craft. And there is more to learn! 
New projects? Oh, yeah! 

-finish Monica's dress
-Daenerys Game of Thrones dress
-Mom's dress (poor mama has been so patient)
-new general-use Victorian corset! (I have run my old one to the ground)
-Waistcoat for my honey
-Edwardian combination drawers
-Edwardian Coldstream Guards jacket (based off my boy's original)
-1870s Bustle dress! (this one has been on my list FOREVER)
-April Gaskell 2015 dress
-anything and everything else I can think of....

Let's see how much I actually get done!

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