Thursday, October 2, 2014

1840's Dickens Wrapper

     There are so many things piling up on my "Want-To-Do" list! Yet, being in the middle of my Fall semester is cutting most of my costume wishes short. It looks like I won't get to anything big until Winter Break, but I have a few things to tide me over till then.
     Recently, I've been working on a new Dickens Fair dress. My dress from last year is showing wear, so I'd like to have a few pieces to switch out. I also wanted the option of not wearing a corset under the new dress, so I turned to Katherine's tutorial for an 1840's wrapper. I've always adored it!
     I found this lovely reproduction cotton (staying in the Turkey red theme, of course!)

      Here's some progress photos:

     I have since changed the belt, as I realized that I want the bodice to be more pointed to better imitate traditional 1840's bodices. Like this lady below. 

     She even has laces like mine! I actually like her's better. She has this lovely volume in the shoulders and bust part. I already wish I had made mine more full.

That's all for now! 


  1. I'm sure it will look so cute (and comfortable!) Red is a good color on you.

  2. Oh gasp and away!!! This fabric is beyond YUMMY!!! Ooooh! I cannot WAIT for this project to be complete so I can see it!! Fabulous fabulous fabulous!!