Saturday, August 23, 2014

Costume College 2014- Part 1

     Better late than never, but I'm back from Costume College! It was my first year and I had a really good time. I met amazing bloggers and seamstresses have followed for a long time and finally got to meet! I took some great classes, made lots of new friends, weirded out the other hotel guests, pranced around in costume, and partied in various hotel rooms. Great fun!
    That said, it was VERY stimulating. A little too much for me. I had to retire to my room a few times to calm down or take a nap. This convention helped me realize that I am a bit of an introvert. I like to be social, but I need my down time. Still, I had a great time and don't regret going to CoCo. Next time I just plan to take a little more alone time.

Driving with Curtis and Christina (of The Laced Angel) to CoCo
in a car packed with  costumes and sewing supplies!

Once there, I grabbed some food with Kaila before the
Pool Party.

Monica and Kathy in 40's perfection.

Elizabeth, Me, Kaila, and Natalie.
photo credit Vivien L.

Elizabeth being sexy in her dark 40's attire.

I met Merja (Before the Automobile) at the
Pool Party! She wore her gorgeous Natural
Form dress. 


Me, wearing Kaila's corded petticoat
in the totally correct manner.
photo credit Kaila

Merja in a beautiful bustle dress.

Jen Rosbrug in her amazing late
1830's day dress.

Ice Cream Social!

Kaila in her lovely bustle day dress.

Moar bustles!

Kathy in her Victorian peacock dress.

Katherine and Loren in their awesome Game
of Thrones dresses!

Chris and I played it sleek with slimmer costumes.
I wore my slit-sleeve 30's gown and she wore her
amazing teal silk corset with a matching sari.
photo credit Vivien L.

Next time on Mothball Fleet... CoCo Part 2.

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  1. Well aren't we looking fab? CoCo was a blast with you around!