Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Deco Dress #3: Evening Gown mock-up

     Time for some evening wear! I got to work on my new Eva Dress pattern.

     The thing to know about this pattern is that the instructions are limited and use terms modern sewers are not often used to. It can be a little confusing, but not hard to figure out (like, I realized I had to top-stitch the cuffs to the sleeves even though the instructions didn't say this directly). The sizing, however, is pretty darned accurate.
     I chose size 18 in the bust and 16 in the waist and hips. Then I made the mock-up. I didn't mock-up the skirt yet, but I doubt I will have to. If the yokes around the hips fit, then the skirt will probably be fine. Famous last words?

Lame mirror selfie. But look at them sexy
sleeve slits...

     I had to make a few adjustments. Not much, though. The neckline was WAY too high, so a carved it out a couple inches front and back. The bodice was a little too long and baggy when gathered to the yokes for me, so I shortened the bottom edges an inch. Everything else seemed to fit really well, though. The cuffs are near perfection and yokes fit great on my waist and hips. 
     The muslin is a bit stiff, but I LOVE the sleeves/bodice area. I think it will look great in a drapey fabric. Speaking of which... I have decided on my fabric. A dark blue velvet. Mmmm. Paired with silver accents.

That's all for now!

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